The await at 7:00am.

Rise and Shine.

Well this morning i woke up with one hell of a sore neck and my boyfriend blabbering on too stuff in the kitchen who only knows what. Right now 7:00 am i am patiently waiting for my mom to text me from Kelowna to tell me they are on there way!. I am going to grande prairie this week too mainly visit my amazing two nieces , brother and sister inlaw and then on Saturday August 26 my cousin Kyle is getting married. Yup out of the three of us he is the first to get married after all the years he told me i will be the first to get married and have kids yeah well nope!. I am so exited for the week long holiday away from all the stress from work and at home. This weekend is going to be a blast. Though i really don’t know what to think about this wedding as it is in Dawson Creek. I really don’t know what her side of the family is like. My side of the family will probably make a completely fool of our selfs and go all out. The way my dad,uncle, and brother drink it will be a shit show and I’m really hoping my dads ante Shirley is going to get drink. She is one of the most hilarious people too make you laugh when she is drunk. She beats that one silly drunk person in a movie.  I am sure me and my cousin Megan be the two young crazy girls on the dance floor all night and getting into the hard liquor. Thank god her boyfriend Mike is coming i’m sure he will be the one too look after us two.  I guess i will have to wait and see how things go this weekend. To be honest at first i was really really upset my boyfriend wasn’t going to be there for this wedding because he has too work. Then i kinda realized the hell with him i want to go have fun with my family and have a good visit with one of my really good friend suzanne, who in witch is pregnant and i can not wait until October when she is due. Just another baby i can spoil. As much as i would like to have kids. With my two nieces and two baby cousins and suzanne baby on the way is good enough for right now. Anyway i should get up and get ready make sure i got everything for when my parents come. ~~~~~~~~~~~


Bright sunny day.

First Sunday in august 2017.

I Really didn’t do much today even though i would of loved to take my paddle board out to the lake and got sun kissed by the sun. I haven’t yet got my full sun burn this summer witch is kinda disappointing because i am one of those people who love to be tan not dark dark tan but a nice tan.

Well i started my day out by watch bar rescue witch is if you are a person who always likes to go out too have some food and drinks with friends or family you probably shouldn’t watch the show. Its kinda scary what goes on behind those closed doors that go into the kitchen. for all you know those closed doors in the Boston pizza kitchen there could be some sneaky gross stuff go on behind the closed doors you just never know. So anyways i watched a couple of those episodes. Then i made my self some toast with some almond butter. I say don’t buy the Kirkland one it is really really watery compared to some of the other brands. Then i made my self a tea and then to find out i don’t have any honey left, so then i made my self a deferent type of tea. Now this tea is the good tea that is called happy tummy its peppermint tea, i buy it from a lady down at the Saturday market here in Revelstoke B.C. Then i had some cereal witch i love fruit loops but then i grabbed the box and of course there is non left so i had to have some frosted flasks.. gross…. So then i looked at the clock and it said 12:00pm. So i better get ready because my boyfriend gets mad at me when i sleep in. I did this really cool charcoal facemask i bought from my ante sheila who sells Mary kay. Now for a 21 year old lady i love Mary kay its not just for old people… Avon is for old people. So this charcoal facemask, does it ever make your skin feel better, i am also a huge clique cosmetics fan but the Mary kay charcoal is 10 times better then the clique charcoal face mask. And then i went for a shower got dressed and did my make up and hair. Then of course i had to clean up my boyfriend mess from last night after i had made him what he wanted for dinner and i went out bought ground meat and mushrooms for his spaghetti,  i had it all ready for when he got home at 6:00pm from work. Well of course he always falls asleep on the couch and doesn’t do the dishes and i like my house clean. Well parts i always need my kitchen to be clean and the living room but when it comes to my closets and my side of the bed i can only handle it when its a mess and mainly because even though i have so many clothes, i can still never deicide on what to wear. Anyways so i did up all these dishes. Watched a bit more of bar rescue. Then i went out for a bit now with my luck after i had no honey or my fave fruit loops for my breakfast. I was in home hardware and i heard of my the employees say that the debate machine is down well with my luck i had just gone to the bank yesterday to put my cash in my bank account. so i had ask her if she had hold my garbage can i was buying because we didn’t a bigger garbage can because apparently we needed a new one so then she said yes and i said i will be right with some cash. So went all the way to bank and back to home hardware. So then after i had paid i really wanted a slurpee and well what a shit show around 711 today i said no to that and i went to Starbucks and  of course on a busiest weekend of all of summer on that side of town was just a zoo so i had said my self why do i even bother coming to this side of town so then i finely got to Starbucks i ordered my self a large passion mango lemonade tea witch is my favourite. Then i got back home and now i am just sitting on my desk blabbering on about my boring day dreaming that i was out at the lake all day getting burnt by the sun of my paddle board.


where to start

I really don’t know where to start, i guess ill say first of all i really suck at grammar and spelling so beware. I guess i will start with my  story of moving to Revelstoke or my story of my high school year? ill start with the Revelstoke story.

I was working at sears um yes thats right sears. Probably Where i mostly grown up i came out of me crazy high school teenage life. Being in retail makes you realize that life is full of stupid, crazy, rude, happy, nice, people who smile back at you and people who won’t smile back at you. I really don’t under stand why people have to think that its your fault that there is no size 10 in a pair of levi jeans. A lot of people just think i will go in the back and pull them out of my ass for them. Well ill tell you first of all that size 10 is the most common size for women. And levi jeans have really stupid sizes and every style has its own number and deferent ways for sizing. Anyways i worked with a lot of amazing happiest people ever at sears. I was vary upset to quit at sears but i guess it was for the best?.

So in the end i was working at sears on weekends Saturday, Sunday and Monday. During the week i worked for organic and clean an Residential house cleaning business in Kelowna B.C that is owned by a really nice lady named Stephanie. Now working those two jobs for three months not one day off and living at home alone  with my silly two guinea pigs peanut and snowball. While my boyfriend was going back and forth to Revelstoke to try and get a better job. Then one week it all happen i had to quit my jobs at sears and organic and clean.

Matt had found us basement suit in Revelstoke. so it came down to the last few weeks of having to pack our whole house alone having no clue what to get rid of or even where to start.  I was going back and forth to Revelstoke and Kelowna with loads of our junk and matt coming back and forth with his truck on his days off. and thank god i had a awesome cousin to come help me clean the house before i left because i didn’t have anytime to clean the whole house alone. So finely we are fully moved in a pretty happy here and i think peanut and snowball are happy too. I’m sure they miss there grandma who comes over to spoil them with lettuce and carrots. They are as closed to grand kids she is getting from me for a vary long time.

really not sure ?

Well i am new too this whole blogging thing. Really not sure why i want to make a blog and blog about my daily life. I think mainly its because i am board or i just love to type on my macbook air? or maybe because my best friend lives so far away from me. I guess texting isn’t really the same as talking and well we are on deferent time zones. She is busy girl with her work and is about to be a mom in October. Witch i can not wait!.  And well i am just starting my own business  here in Revelstoke because my boyfriend and his mom think its great idea. Even though i really hate it but at the same time i know once i really get going get a lot more clinets and get my business license i will be making great money. But really its not easy trying to get clients in a small town of Revelstoke right now i have 9 clients some of them are every week and some a every 2 weeks. i think by January i will have my license and some employees.

I think this blog is just something a little extra to do. Besides go out and a few drinks with friends, go paddle boarding and hiking. And i would love to rather not think that summer 2017 is almost over as we are now in the first weekend of augest. I love the snow but only for christmas after christmas it can bugger over. I really don’t want summer to be over like i bought my fancy paddle board for a reason. I feel like it really hasn’t been summer. I have been busy trying to do this whole business thing and between my work schedule and my boyfriends schedule we really haven’t spent that much time together. Well he works 6:00am to 6:00pm one week then the next week he works 2:00pm tell 12:00am there really not a whole bunch of time to go out the the beach, go camping and well mainly i just need his truck to take my paddle board out. but i guess so fair this summer has been okay. Well none of my big plans i wanted to do this summer has yet to happen and i don’t think will sadly happen. Hopefully next summer will be the better?